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I am excited to be writing for Mom.Me these days. I often vacillate about what I should share on this site as I like it to remain my tabula rasa to some extent. BUT I obviously have let a lot hang out, especially if you hop on over to the video section. At the beginning [...]

2015-01-30T14:33:46-08:00January 30, 2015|Lindsay|

Expressing Motherhood is Headed to BlogHer

Expressing Motherhood is headed to BlogHer. Please say hello if you are going and know us or want to get to know us. I'm headed solo, Lindsay here. Our twitter handle is @exmoshow I have never been but have been to Mom2Summit and Campy Mighty. I'm looking forward to talking, walking and taking it in. [...]

2014-07-11T15:48:05-07:00July 11, 2014|Behind The Scenes, Lindsay|

Heart Matters: My Path Having an SVT

Last night I finally made it to a WomenHeart of West Los Angeles meeting. Amanda Daniels has invited me for a year now. I met her via an ExMo alum Abby. Amanda co-founded the WomenHeart of West Los Angeles support group, a peer led group providing education and support to women living with heart disease. [...]

2014-05-13T14:48:44-07:00May 13, 2014|Lindsay|

My Child Took Over When I Needed Him Too

This afternoon I took my three kids to Descanso Gardens. It was a particularly gorgeous Los Angeles day. Cool, some clouds, sun and the gardens in bloom. The grounds were spectacular. My kids roamed and fell into their imaginations. I wondered if I coddled my 7 1/2 year-old boy too much as I sat on [...]

2014-03-27T21:55:15-07:00March 27, 2014|Behind The Scenes, Lindsay|

Oscar Day and Me Judging Myself

When I was younger the Oscars used to promote excitement in me. Then as I grew into my late teens and early 20's the Oscars began to become a marker of my own success, or lack there of. I remember crying after Gwyneth Paltrow won her award in 1998 for best actress. I was 21 [...]

2014-03-02T14:23:36-08:00March 2, 2014|Behind The Scenes, Lindsay|
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