When I was in my early teens my wonderful friend’s dad and mom would play music all the time. Her dad, in particular, would play musicals. One of these musicals was Les Miserables.

What was so wonderful about listening to the music was also the narrative he would give to us driving us to and from our dance classes on cold South Dakota nights. It helped me go into seeing Les Miserables with some understanding of what the heck was going on.

I finally was able to see Les Miserables in London when I was 19. A friend and I went to London for our Spring break, we found incredibly cheap deals that had us staying in a hotel in the business district.

I cried the entire first act I’m pretty sure of it.

So moved by it.

I actually watched this actress, Lea Salonga in the London production, sing  this song.

What’s your favorite musical? Are you going to see Les Miserables at the movies?

I don’t often go to the movies but I just might. I’ll be bringing tissues, just in case.