Our opening night will be a Ladies Night. And no we don’t discriminate so men are allowed as always, it’s Hollywood baby, anything goes.


It does mean that for $25 you will receive a complimentary glass of wine and you will go home with a goody bag. As those of you know we often come up with fabulous raffle prizes as well. Just know we will treat you right!

Opening night is Friday May 10th and we’ve already sold quite a few tickets for that evening. Showtime is at 8PM.

We will have a lot of wine as we will not make performer Beth Littleford go on a liquor run for us during the show.


Which she has done before. Beth took off for Trader Joe’s on Santa Monica Blvd. and bought a bunch of wine, when she performed for us a few years back. She made it back in time to close out the show. Yes, Ms. Littleford is one cool lady indeed.

You can buy your ticket here.