Marjorie Salvaterra is a Los Angeles based photographer and mom. She is s talented photographer and she is looking for around 50 women to pose for a photo shoot for her next Tuesday from 11-12:30 at the Lee Strasberg Theatre in Hollywood.
Here are some samples of her work.
Below is her email I just received with the details.
Hi Girls…

I’m trying to gather ALL my girls (at least 50) for a shoot next TUESDAY May 21st from  11am-12:30 at The Lee Strasberg Theatre in Hollywood!
It should be the most fun you ever had with 50 girls…
and will hopefully turn out to be one of my best pieces!
It should take about one hour total and I will have you out NO later than 12:30  (since that’s as long as I rented the theatre!)
ATTIRE is:  NUDE COLORED BRAS AND UNDIES or NAKED… or just UNDIES… whatever you prefer!
If you are modest, you are welcome to hold your purse on your lap!
(you will be fairly Unrecognizable — unless you out yourselves… you know who you are!)
The piece is called “The Stories We tell Ourselves”…
I hope you will all be a part.  Feel free to invite friends… but just let me know so I know how many wigs to get.
Please please please!!!! xoxoxoxoxxoxox Marjorie