I only met Krissy Gibson-Donnelly once.

It was at Polly’s funeral.

She was friends with one of Polly’s friends, Inana. Inana and I knew each other. I could tell Inana was very close to Krissy and I watched them interact jealously and very sadly that night knowing I didn’t have my close friend to interact that way with anymore.

Krissy lived up the same canyon in Hollywood as I did and she was such a cool person that I would continually ask Inana about her the times Inana and I would get together, mostly in her very sweet way of coming to see Expressing Motherhood once Polly past.

Inana told me that Krissy was battling cancer.

I was very saddened to hear that Krissy passed away on November 13th from it.

I found this article written by Noreen Fraser, the founder of Stand Up to Cancer, about Krissy and it speaks about Krissy’s desire to be a mom. How she was planning to adopt after her ovaries had to be removed.

It has really struck me.