**This is not a paid post. Just an over-share from an LA mom, me, who has three kids and a muffin top that she wants to minimize.

I’ve been improving my health for over a year now. Really I’m always working at staying healthy in between wine and late night snacking.

The last little part was focusing on strengthening my core and losing some weight. To help my back feel better.

I’ve always said I would do well with a chef so I decided to order Nutrisystem as I just called it my budget friendly chef. Instead of reaching for a handful of whatever when I was starving I’d have a meal planned.

A box arrived at my door New Year Eve. Good timing.

I last about 4 days and actually felt better due to not overeating. But it felt very 1980’s to me. I didn’t want to have a chocolate donut for breakfast one AM. So I decided to splurge and have researched some local home delivery food options in LA. There are some amazing options.

I was interested in Paleta but I never heard back from their rep in regards to if they would deliver to me, I’m a bit outside of their range.

Then I started looking around and happened open LA mom blogger Jennifer Brandt of Perfectly Disheveled. I saw that she had been eating KleanLA and then I realized that the owner was married to someone I know, a fabulous trainer who trained a good friend of mine. So KleanLA it is.



It’s not cheap.

But I’m splurging and they have offered Expressing Motherhood a discount code to save $25. Use KLEAN25. Kiki, the owner is really friendly and they are having some web issues right now at check out so just email her if you experience that. She helped me right out.

Owner and founder Kiki.

Owner and founder Kiki.

My food for a week arrives on Friday and I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t diet, don’t believe in them but I do need a little help in feeling good, helping my back and making sure I stay strong for my family.