Today I went and visited a friend and our daughters played while we chatted.

When is your next show, she asked. It just ended a few weeks ago, I responded.

What?! I thought it was in May.

I apologized and said, not sorry, I feel like I tell everyone about it so much on Facebook….turns out she’s not on Facebook.

Like her even more now.

If you are interested in knowing when our next show will be please join our email list, we don’t email often. Or like us on Facebook, I’m more active there.

This is the first time, since the show has started that I have taken such a break from it. By a break I mean 4 whole weeks or maybe 3 of now planning the next show.

I’ve been so obsessed with Expressing Motherhood since 2008. 

Our first show in 2008.

Our first show in 2008.

Right now though I’m trying to alleviate some stress at my house. Contemplate if I need to put my creative endeavors and desires towards something new, of course I’ll always produce and direct ExMo, I frigging love it people.

Trying out new graphics while playing with my oldest.

Trying out new graphics while playing with my oldest.


I have intentionally not gone a traditional path and I guess I’m continuing to do so. But I’ll slate another show for the Fall in a month or so, stay tuned.

Take a look at our ExMo Meetups. I’m feeling the push to not constantly look at my iPhone and look more at my kids. I’m in the mood for face to face conversations. I’d rather ignore my kids while talking to someone in the flesh versus tweeting. Anyways, the meetups should prove to be fun and interesting.


Many thanks to your support. This show feeds my sanity. Thanks for being a part of that.