Lindsay and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Young & The Restless set at CBS here in Los Angeles, on Wednesday. We were blessed with the privilege of helping young Max Page assemble “Joy Jars” for a holiday delivery to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.




Lindsay interviewing Max Page

Max is a very well spoken young man, who happens to have a lot of amazing things going on right now. Max was ‘Lil Darth’ in that amazing Volkswagon commercial a couple years ago. He’s also currently playing Reed Hellstrom on The Young & The Restless and used his Y&R powers to assemble a team to help showcase what good things he’s doing for a local non-profit organization.



DSC_0020The Jessie Rees Foundation is a recognized 501c3 public charity dedicating to ensuring every child fighting cancer has the encouragement, resources and support to Never Ever Give Up.

Before we assembled these jars, Lindsay and I and a room full of people watched a video about who Jessie Rees was and what Joy Jars do……


After wiping my tears, we listened to Max and his lovely mother Jennifer talk to us about why Max is involved. Max, like my daughter, Shelby, had heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles shortly after he was born. It turns out, my daughter and Max had the same surgeon working on their precious hearts within months of each other.

Lindsay and I were so happy to have had the privilege to meet such a wonderful young man. He’s doing a lot of things right.


Max and some of his Y&R Family


Max & His mother, Jennifer


One of the sets of Y&R!

IMG_4127 IMG_4133 IMG_4143

For more information on The Jessie Rees Foundation and Joy Jars, click here!


You have the power to help spread a lot of joy this holiday season!

DSC_0025I cannot resist sharing this commercial!