Tickets are now on sale for our January 18th and 19th shows at The Lyric Hyperion in Silver Lake.


We are looking forward to our monthly shows here in LA January -May of 2019. Yes, that’s right we will be having shows January, February, March and April (ending May 1st)

We also haven’t forgotten about you, people who live outside of LA. You can listen to our stories on our podcast and we also have a show in another city in the works, to be announced this month.

Submissions for the February-May shows will be accepted December 10th-12th.

Our January show is cast and ready to go.

Tickets were selling before the cast was announced, this is a first thank you.

Tickets for all shows will be up soon, think of it as a monthly excuse to get out with friends. Far cheaper than therapy.

We are very thankful to our co-sponsors for our January show.

Thank you Shannon Schroeder, owner of The Pilates Studio, Ro Calderoni of Rojo’s Bakery and ExMoShow alum Robin Finn of Heart, Soul, Pen.

The Pilates Studio is fully furnished with traditional equipment from the most distinguished manufacturers in the field, including Gratz Industries, Pilates Designs by Basil and Balanced Body. I have taken many a class there and Shannon and her staff have helped me recover from a lower back injury. Shannon’s calm, kind demeanor sets the tone.

The PIlates Studio owner Shannon Schroeder


LA chef and mom to three boys Ro Calderoni will be giving our attendees cookies, you will want to buy your ticket.

Ro was born in El Salvador and now lives in LA, close to me, lucky me!  Ro learned Classic European Pastry from the best. She got my “Diplôme de Pâtisserie” from Le Cordon Bleu and then learned decoration skills from international renowned Cake Designers like Ron Ben-Israel, Colette Peters, Ana Ruiz, Debbie Brown, Lauren Kitchens, James Roselle, Sachiko Windbiel and more.

Robin Finn, MPH, MA, is the creator and founder of Heart. Soul. Pen., an L.A.-based course that blends deep-dive creativity and writing. She is a writer, teacher, coach, & mother of three.

Robin Finn

Thank you Shannon, Ro and Robin.

And now, here is our January #ExMoShow cast.




The Cast

Beth Littleford

Mona King

Danny Vonnivissuto

Mommy Tonk

Isabelle Royer

Nisha Pagan

Talitha Althouse

Rachel Schinderman

Jennifer Marquez

Jennifer Brandt

Karen Macarah

Annie Vovan

Cara Newman Ruyle