Expressing Motherhood’s last live show was in January 2020 to sold out shows in Silver Lake. Though much has changed in the world of theatre, after the challenging years we have faced, I’m determined to put on a show again.

In actual person.

I took ExMoShow alum Xenja out for lunch last week to a place I had never been, Pocha. The feminine energy immediately struck me along with the neon pink sign that said “Resilience.” I asked the bartender if they ever held events there sure enough they do and I connected with the owner Claire and now a date is set for our first in person show, January 14th 5PM – 9PM.

Claire Risoli opened Pocha during the pandemic on her website she says, “Pocha LA offers a modern Mexicana family-dining experience in Highland Park…At Pocha, our philosophy is fearless: overcoming obstacles and conquering challenges.” Yes, I had found the spot to try a new way to share our stories.

During the pandemic, the year of being at home, my light was my weekly gatherings with a core group of local girlfriends. We met at 5PM, every Friday. I’d hear my gate clinking right on the dot and we’d come overly dressed up. Absolutely no where to go but we’d site, 6′ apart, drink, eat, talk, laugh and cry. Mostly laugh.

Us 6′ apart around a pool, before we hit the porch.

So welcome, Expressing Motherhood Supper Club.

Tickets will go on sale soon. It’s one night only as life has been so chaotic I want to make this doable for people.

Submissions are now open until November 1st. Stories about motherhood, no more then 5 minutes when read aloud. Roughly 750 words.

We will have time to eat, drink, talk, listen. Then eat, drink and talk more. All under the LA stars.

Submissions should be sent to me, lindsay(at)expressing motherhood(dot)com

Thank you, I truly can’t wait to read your stories and gather with you in January.

Lindsay Kavet