We have found that the platform of Expressing Motherhood has given our performers a lot more than just a “reason to get out of the house”…as I sometimes like to kid.

It’s a lot more than that.

It’s creative license, it’s camaraderie, it’s a moment to be heard and it’s sometimes a stepping off point to do something you wanted to try or didn’t even see coming. After over five years of doing this show, we’ve seen so many of our “alumni” continue on with amazing gusto.

Stacie & Shannon

Stacie & Shannon

Stacie Burrows and Shannon Noel met while at a rehearsal for Expressing Motherhood a few years ago. They knew immediately they would be the “closest friends for the rest of their lives”…I’m quoting them.

After performing in Expressing Motherhood, their collaboration began, and it hasn’t stopped. They have written, produced and performed their own show, I’m Not From Here, But My Kids Are,” which was quite successful. They’ve truly created a friendship that will certainly produce more amazing creative projects, we’re certain of that.


Shannon & Stacie’s Show


Nicole and her family

Nicole Blane, a two time performer in the show, has fulfilled a dream of hers to try stand up comedy. After the second time performing, Nicole has been gracing many stages in Southern California with her comedy.


Nicole performing stand up


Julie Mudd on stage in her own Mudd’s Comedy Pie

Julie Mudd, one of our Boston Performers, created a comedy show appropriately titled, Mudd’s Comedy Pie.

Sometimes we get feedback from our past performers that humbles me. Kendra Pinkleman, a personal friend of mine, had such a deep desire to share her struggles with PPD, she flew to California for three weeks to be in the show.


Kendra & Myself in 2009 at The Electric Lodge

Kendra says,

“Expressing Motherhood came into my life when all I saw myself as was a mom. It consumed all aspects of my life and I didn’t know who I was anymore. The chance to share my struggles with PPD and how it affected me showed me there was more to who I am than just mothering. I was blessed to spend three weeks in California finding who I was again and learning I could be a mom and still be me! Honestly I just watched that show with a friend and I didn’t even recognize that women (myself). My faith has changed so much and grown that my strength comes from God. Thank you for that opportunity in ’09 – you changed my life!!!

We are so thankful, grateful and proud of the women who grace our stage and we are always encouraged to hear that their experience with Expressing Motherhood has helped them grow, personally, professionally or both!

We’re excited to be doing this again and sharing another casts’ stories with you.

Bravo Ladies!

I’m not from here, but my kids are. from desmond/stacie burrows on Vimeo.