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It’s fun to host parties, but this one was more fun than I could have imagined!

Lindsay and I get to see these shows over and over..and that, we love. Every night is different on stage. The audience is different, some lines change in the moment of being live theatre and generally…basically, always, Lindsay and I do not get to see one of our shows live in front of an audience ‘cover to cover’ so to speak.


All captivated

The Home Screening we hosted Saturday night was a fantastic opportunity for us to sit and watch the show. I was able to see a few performances from the Chicago show that I had not seen in full. It’s just the nature of what we do.

Lindsay and I had a great time…as I think everyone sitting watching did too!


Our food for the night was graciously provided by Daphne’s California Greek in Burbank. Daphne’s is one of those places we go back to over and over, for many reasons. The main reason…we love their food!

I made this cupcake...

I made this cupcake…

For dessert, I actually made the most amazing cupcakes ever! You can make them too. (Post to come soon). Theresa Deliberto was a guest of ours that night. She is the founder of Cupcake Cuties, a cupcake kit designed to help you make your own specialized cupcakes for any occasion. My daughter and I had a blast making them and everyone went home with a set of cupcake cuties, thanks to Theresa.



Nesh NYC

Nesh NYC

We also gave away a very sexy workout tank to three attendees women and a pair of leggings to another from Nesh NYC.


To top it all off…Mommy Juice Wines donated the wine for the evening. What better name for wine is there?!



Performer, Kendra Pinkleman on her Russian Adoption

You can host your own Home Screening of Expressing Motherhood. We will give away a handful of DVD’s for FREE…while supplies last. Visit our ExMo Gear page to find out how! Use the hashtag #ExMoHome to let us know how your screening goes!


Goody bags…with Cupcake Cutie Kits!