Tomorrow I’m heading down to see my friend and on air personality Jill Simonian on her new show “Home and Family” on the Hallmark Channel. Jill is really a cool woman. No non-sense, hands on, positive  and hard working mom.


I’m going to be dressed by Target! Woo-hoo. All of my husband’s money spent at Target is finally paying off.


I have known this and had this whole plan of working out a lot and drinking a lot of water. But the reality of the situation is I had two kids all weekend solo, age 3 and 2 and a Bobcat eat one of our chickens and last night woke up to a coyote lingering outside of the coop.


My little ones have been waking up at around 3AM.

Needless to say no exercising and very little water, totally normal mom stuff.

So, I went and got my first ever airbrush tan and I think it’s hiding it all quite nicely.

The show will air this Thursday, October 10th.