***Update Susan Sheu won a copy of this new book. We had our readers comment on Facebook as well and that’s where everyone commented. Very fitting for her to win this as she spoke about this issue  in one of our shows.

Expressing Motherhood has a copy of “The Sex Talk” toted as, a survival guide for parents, to giveaway to one of our readers.

The author, Joanna Hyatt, is known as “The Sex Lady” to thousands of teens around the nation. From January 2010 to May 2012, she was the Director of a nationally replicated STD and Teen Pregnancy prevention program.

To be eligible to win a copy simply leave a comment below letting us know what age you had “The Talk.”

Great cover, I have to add.

As for me, I believe 3rd grade. Helped clear up some misconceived notions as I believed if a boy and  a girl peed in the same commode a child could be born. Ah shucks.


3D book image2