Putting on the show is pure joy for me.

Traveling to put on the show is a lot of fun as well as I can see friends from all over the country.

Going on an airplane is not fun for me.


But I have to giggle over this photo and remind myself if I can go put on a show with a 6 month old (re-covered colickaholic) and my older son I can do anything.

The entire flight to Boston I stood by another woman bouncing our babies talking trying to keep our mind off our currents situations.

At one of the shows she showed up and brought me a bottle of wine.

As I sat the morning of opening night with breastfeeding my baby, trying to tell me 4 year-old to hold on one more second and go over the nights ticket sales I thought this is crazy.

But I like crazy.

So despite the levels of some increased stress I just see it as something I love doing and have to do to stay sane.

Can’t wait Chicago!