I’m afraid to fly.


Me pregnant with my first on a flight trying to look like it was not big deal.

My brother is a pilot. Two two are un-related, I find them simply amusing.

I write a blog that talks about how ridiculous it is that we accept so many road crashes as acceptable because 80% of them are preventable.

I spin, I self-medicate, I hibernate(my go to) to avoid my fears.

The only arena of my life where I have never allowed fear to guide me or hinder me has been my passion for pursuing directing, producing and/or writing.

So one week from now I will probably hardly sleep a wink.

Not because of the show but because of a stupid fear.

And so I will medicate and I will get on the plane and Jessica will laugh at and with me and when the wheels touch down I will be thrilled and head straight for a coffee shop.

I just know that it’s the one are of my life I haven’t stopped listening to my intuition because my fear isn’t allowed to guide me there.

DSC_0320 DSC_0322 DSC_0324

Of course I’m worried about leaving my kids for a week.

Worried about so many things.

But I worry when I’m here with them too.

I can’t wait to get there and re-connect with my more fearless younger self and see people who remind me of that self.

Lucky for me, a ton of my college girlfriends will be making the show.

I know a lot of our cast mates have old friend coming in too.

So, a week from now I might not be sleeping


but it will be worth it.

So worth it.


Me in NYC with my great college friend Stacey who flew out for about 24 hours to see me. We stayed up all night talking and she had to pump as she had a 4 month old!