Kathleen Buckley is an Illinois mom who recently performed in our Chicago show. You can read more about her in our pre-show interview here. But to hear about how she felt about doing the show and what her latest project are, read on.


What was it like participating in Expressing Motherhood?

What surprised you about being in the show?

This was my first time on stage, my first time being back stage in a theater, and my first time sharing one of my stories in a public setting so I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Lindsay and Jessica were so organized and professional that they made it super easy to participate and do so successfully. All the other cast members, many of whom had performed before, were so supportive and welcoming. And everyone was SO MUCH FUN! I got to meet an amazing, intersting and diverse group of women. I didn’t expect to meet people that I’d want to really know. They made every moment off stage memorable. Expressing Motherhood was like a mix of Girl Scout Camp and Bourbon Street – and those have been two of my favorite places to visit!
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Had you ever performed before?

No, unless you include standing up in front of stuffy business types nervously pitching product ideas.

What projects do you have on the immediate horizon?

I have three ongoing projects:

  • Publishing an anthology of stories for and about women who became moms after the age of forty. My two partners on the project, like me,  had their first babies after forty, and we know first hand how being an older mom poses it’s own unique set of joys and challenges. The call for entries can be found here.

 My portfolio! I hope to get my MFA in Graphic Design so I can eventually leave the corporate world for the academic one. It’s what I always thought I’d do and now it’s time to do it.


  • Converting my rarely used formal dining room into a real studio so that when we do want to dine formally (like twice a year) I don’t have to temporarily shut down projects, cap off paint tubes, file away scribbles. I can just leave everything out while we eat on folding tables in the living room.

In regards to your piece, what kind of questions were you asked by people? How did your friends respond?

I was surprised how many women (and men!) commented in the lobby after the show that they’d had a similar experience to mine. Many people asked me if my story was true – including some friends. A few women genuinely thanked me for having shared my good fortune with women who couldn’t do what I could. I didn’t expect that. It was really cool to make those connections.