Jayme Miller is an Illinois mom who recently performed in our first ever, Chicago show. She was actually the first submission I received and she had me laughing out loud. She had never performed before and I said Jayme, you are a natural, you even blocked yourself so well. What does that mean she asked me. She really did a fantastic job and how brave to do this, having never done it before.
1. What was it like participating in Expressing Motherhood?
Since this was my first time on stage since high school musicals and dance recitals, the experience was a bit scary for me… at first. The cast became like a sorority of misfits to laugh and cry with at rehearsals and backstage! Once I got through “opening night,” I felt like my story had an impact and that’s all that mattered. Audience members were complimentary and caught up in the stories. I was proud of my role in the show.
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What surprised you about being in the show?
I loved the connection and immediate bonding. We all came from such different backgrounds and our stories were so diverse. It was interesting at how we connected through each others’ stories. It is like a very complex spider web, where our lives all cross in so many different directions but are united together.
2. Had you ever performed before?
I had never performed in an ExMo show, but I would love to try it again!!
3. What projects do you have on the immediate horizon?
I am hosting a viewing party for all my friends and family who could not make it to the show in Chicago! I feel like I got a little theatrical itch that I may need to scratch… there are some local theater groups that I may take a chance with! I also plan to keep teaching elementary school and try to come up with a miraculous way to organize the closets of my four children in my spare time!
4. In regards to your piece, what kind of questions were you asked by people?
My piece was some of the laugh out loud moment in my pregnancies that were a little “UNEXPECTED”! Since I explained these moments in GREAT detail, I didn’t have many follow up questions;)
How did your friends respond?
My friends and family were amazing support! They laughed, they cried, they complimented every bit of the show! I really can’t explain how grateful I am at their love and friendship throughout this experience. We also had a great time talking and laughing after the shows! What a great excuse for Girls Night Out!!
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Expressing Motherhood gave me the opportunity to laugh at myself. It made me proud of my role as a mom, with all my flaws included. We all have a very difficult job to do, and this show, the cast and directors, my family and friends and the strangers in the audience… all reminded me that you can not do it alone. Being a mom requires a whole lot of other people in the world to help get the job done right! So thank you, for helping me to be better at being me!