IMG_69072013 proved to be a great year for Expressing Motherhood. On personal levels, our families are healthy and our kids are all doing well in school. Lindsay and I both have side projects that scratch small itches in our personal lives, proving to be both fun and somewhat adventurous. is helping to project Lindsay’s voice about safety on our roads while driving. Driving and Texting should be on the minds of all of us and she’s been able to put it in the spotlight. She’s even now contributing to on safety.

I have, which is just a hyper-local site about my favorite town! The Rose Run has raised another $10,000 for breast cancer research and we’ve filed our paper work for our 501 (c)(3) status.

photo-20Lindsay’s family took trips to Legoland and a magnificent getaway down south a bit in California where they chilled on the beach and took naps in the sun. We went to Michigan for the summer again and created many more memories with family.

Expressing Motherhood not only did a Mother’s Day show here in LA, but we went to Chicago for the first time as well!



IMG_9493We LOVED Chicago and besides the show, we ate amazing Chicago Dogs, Ann Sather’s Cinnamon Rolls and enjoyed a night out at Second City. We even took a bike tour through Chicago, which might have been my personal favorite tourist thing I’ve ever done.

Big news for Expressing Motherhood was that we signed a deal with Rooftop Media in San Fransisco to collaborate our comedic pieces from our shows to get some internet radio airplay. More details to come on that, but stay tuned… ExMo will be on a device near you!

Out of all of those moments, there is still one that will stand as our very favorite moment of 2013… The Today Show with Maria Shriver!

Jessica, Maria Shriver and Myself(Lindsay)

Jessica, Maria Shriver and Lindsay

Words cannot express how amazing this moment was for us. I mean, Maria Shriver was in Lindsay’s backyard….. All kidding aside, we were honored and blessed to have such an amazing, inspirational woman chose to feature Expressing Motherhood on her return to NBC as a West Coast correspondent for women’s issues.  Watch the video below!

We had a great year…*cheers* to 2014!

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