After you come see our show, get yourself a ticket to an intimate, fun evening of food, drink, conversation, a screening and a chance to talk to the director. We have sponsorship from Pretzel Crisps that night already, yummy.


Everyone will be going home with some product from Smora Skin Care, handcrafted skin care from two sisters from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.




Mary Trunk directed the documentary “Lost In Living” and I’ve been wanting to see it.


So, I’m hosting a screening.

Behind the domestic curtain of motherhood, where the creative impulse can flourish or languish, are four women determined to make a go of it. Filmed over seven years, Lost In Living, confronts the contradictions inherent in personal ambition and self-sacrifice, female friendship and mental isolation, big projects and dirty dishes. The complex realities of family life unfold in this documentary film about the messy intersection of motherhood and artistic expression.

Tickets just opened up for the small event. For $8 I’ll give you dinner, some wine, you can watch her film and connect with other creative moms around Los Angeles. The screening will be on the East Side, location will be emailed to you once you have bought your ticket.

Buy your ticket here.