Today had me in one grouchy mood this morning.

I hadn’t been doing much ExMo for a few months, I’ve gained a bunch of weight and I needed to release some crazy in me.

I headed off to a much needed spin class and after breaking a sweat I pulled on my ExMo sweatshirt and headed across the street to my favorite children’s clothing story, It Takes A Village.

I always enjoy talking to Gigi and she has GREAT children’s clothing at really good prices. Sometimes I see her standing outside the shop before I enter and I always tell her to just stay outside so I can steal a bunch of cute stuff.

It doesn’t work and I always end up with something cute.


I have become friendly with the owner Gigi as she used to be in the theatre world too.

I was about to pay for some hair clips for my girl when she noticed my sweatshirt, now that I like she said.


She’s never sold women’s clothing at her store before but she will be selling our Expressing Motherhood sweatshirts, shirts and some racer backs very soon!


We are currently sold out of the much liked design by my good friend Agnete Oernsholt so I’m ordering more.

Look for them at It Takes A Village  in a few weeks.

She also is selling our mugs and right now has a special going on where you can get one of our mugs and a cute mommy and me nail polish set for $24.

So our mugs are on  a shelf in a store, yeah!!


And to think I was wearing the typical mom gear all day, hair slicked back in a bun and I got some business done.

I do love being a modern mom.