Well, it’s 8:47AM and I am sitting in my pajamas at my makeshift desk in our living room. Hoping my husband doesn’t walk into the kitchen which is adjacent. He’s great, don’t get me wrong but I think we all know where we are at when it comes to personal space after nearly 7 months of being home with our families.

My husband writes from a desk we pulled into our bedroom when quarantine began. We are very lucky as we have a nice home and a big yard for LA standards but this Summer has really been the ultimate Ironman. Smoke from fires has kept us in a lot of the last month. We are in another heatwave here, hoping it’s our last and just can’t wait for cooler temperatures.

I have taken Expressing Motherhood’s thriving community off Facebook as I have closed down my own Facebook account. As a person who has worked hard, on a limited budget and while raising three kids, to make sure this show is inclusive, kind and helps aid to humanity I can’t support a company that promotes hatred and conspiracy theories.

So, please join our email list. You can email me your email lindsay (at) expressing motherhood (dot) com

Yes, we are still on Instagram and yes it is owned by Facebook. I find it to have a different tone and it’s hard to walk away from that as it’s a great way to help promote what you have been up to.

I find my new role to be the Lunch Lady. I’m in the kitchen all day it seems feeding my growing, thin kids and I’m trying not to go over my WW points by 11:30AM. I love nurturing them and I’m in awe of them being home for so long and not seeing their friends very often.

Packed theatres are a long way off. I’m grateful for all of our nights together and will probably do another virtual show at some point. Right now, kitchen duty is calling me so much and I want to keep my patience in check. I have found great reprieve in porch hangs at my house with friends.

Me, on my porch.

Thank you for being a part of Expressing Motherhood as we near the 13 year mark, our 14th season.

Take care,
Lindsay Kavet