Good morning, it’s 5:48AM and everyone is asleep at my house. Thought I’d quickly re-cap what Expressing Motherhood has been up to.

We just returned from Portland, Oregon where we had a truly wonderful show. This was our second time in PDX and it was a blast. Expressing Motherhood has grown and flourished over this past decade all due to word of mouth.

Please continue to chat about the show! You can also join our email list, email me your info at la(at)

Silver Lake has two shows coming up next week, April 24 and 25. April 24 is SOLD OUT but there are still tickets left for the 25th.

Lastly, submissions will be open for our first Burlington, Vermont show May 1-7. Please submit even if you are on the fence. Push yourself to try something new.


The pieces from the Portland and Silver Lake shows will be uploaded to our Expressing Motherhood podcast within the next few weeks. Please subscribe and leave a review. If you have a home Google or Alexa all you need to say is, “Google/Alexa play the Expressing Motherhood podcast.”

I can and can’t believe it’s been a decade of “working” on this show. I have loved it.

Thank you,