ExMo Meet Up – Dinner Next Saturday

Come join me for an ExMo Meet Up next Saturday, April 12th, 6:15 at Rosa Mexicano for some Mexican food and conversation. I reserved a table for 6, we will all split the bill equally and have a good time. Just let me know you are coming by reserving your spot here on Eventbrite. ExMo [...]

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ExMo News

Right now there is not another show planned just quite yet. I have been enjoying some time with my kids, well, really my hair has been falling out trying to keep it all together and I'm reminded how much I love this show so I will plan another one sooner rather then later. Our first [...]

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Future ExMo Meet Ups

We are receiving a lot of great interest in our ExMo meetups. If you have a great idea, want to offer up your business or home for the next meet up email us at la@expressingmotherhood.com We are looking for fun ideas and excuses to get like minded, creative moms together. If you are a business, [...]

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Sunday Night’s Screening Just Got Even More Fun

Our screening of Mary Trunk's "Lost In Living" is this Sunday. For just $8 you'll get food sponsored by Daphne's Greek Cuisine, appetizers from Pretzel Crisps, the film, a chance to ask the director a question or two, wine and a gift from Smora. And you'll get to see MommyTonk perform two new songs of [...]

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ExMo Meetups Coming Up: A Movie & A Book

Los Angeles can be a complex city. I know lots of great moms but we all live all over. I'm determined to save my sanity and hang out with other creative LA moms so we are started ExMo Meetups. Expressing Motherhood has always had a great community offline and I want to  meet up now [...]

2014-03-03T19:31:00-08:00March 3, 2014|ExMo Meetups|

ExMo MeetUps

Expressing Motherhood has become somewhat of a mother's group. Filled with wacky, open, funny Los Angeles moms and really moms from all over the nation. We like hanging with you people so let's keep it going beyond the shows. Online friendship is good but face to face is really good. We have thrown many events [...]

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