ExMo MeetUp: Book Discussion With Author Elizabeth Esther

Join Expressing Motherhood for a book discussion with SoCal mom and author Elizabeth Esther. We will discuss her book, "Girl at the End of the World." We'll meet at Mama's Secret Bakery & Cafe in Hollywood at 10AM on October 14th. A breakfast just for ExMo has been arranged, lots of choices and coffee, these [...]

2014-08-25T19:21:17-07:00August 25, 2014|ExMo Meetups|

ExMo MeetUp: Moms Interested in Film AKA MIF’s

We have a few ExMo MeetUps coming up. A book. A run. And in between those let's meet up for Mexican and talk about films you have made or are interested in making. Join Expressing Motherhood for a chance to talk to other moms in LA who make videos or films. Maybe you came here [...]

2014-05-12T16:23:54-07:00May 12, 2014|ExMo Meetups|

ExMo Meet Up: The Rose Run Race in LA

For the first time since she has started her race, producing partner Jessica Cribbs will be in Los Angeles for the Rose Run this Summer, June 28th! She will hop in her minivan the next day for her annual pilgrimage out to Michigan to head up the race there. Please join me in an ExMo [...]

2019-06-08T14:37:47-07:00April 29, 2014|ExMo Meetups|
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