ExMo Challenge One Week In

It’s been 8 days since I’ve started my ExMo Challenge. Well my version of it. Here are my goals:   No alcohol Exercise 5 days a week More protein No snacking after 6PM Drink more water   Today I was walking in my exercise clothes at Target in Eagle Rock and a suspicious looking man [...]

2013-07-25T07:50:40-07:00July 25, 2013|Behind The Scenes, ExMo Challenge|

New T-Shirts & Hoody For Sale Now

Here are some "quick and dirty" pictures of our new t-shirts. That's what our fabulous graphic artist calls projects that are done very quickly just to give you an idea. These t-shirts are big, cozy and cute. We have them available in XL and 2XL. I'm wearing a XL in all of them. They are [...]

2013-07-24T15:36:39-07:00July 24, 2013|Behind The Scenes, ExMo Challenge|

Expressing Motherhood Challenge

Apparently when Shannon and I decided to challenge ourselves, over wine, we didn't work out the details. Go figure. She's starting tomorrow with her 30 Day  regime. I started making  a change yesterday. We are both giving ourselves different rules. I tend to follow more of a French standard. Except I'm taking out the alcohol [...]

2013-07-18T19:39:29-07:00July 18, 2013|Behind The Scenes, ExMo Challenge, Performers|
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