ExMo Hike

Yesterday a few of us met up and went for a morning hike. It was a beautiful, cool LA morning. We hiked up to the Griffith Observatory. We were laughing so much as we asked someone to take our picture he asked us if we were from here. We talked about the ExMo Challenge. Shannon [...]

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ExMo Challenge: Week 3

Technically it's a few days over 3 weeks but wanted to post on my 3 weeks of having made some changes. Expressing Motherhood performer Shannon Noel and I came up with the ExMoChallenge over food and wine of course, almost a month ago. Shannon's been doing the Whole 30 and I'm doing this: -No alcohol [...]

2013-08-12T16:33:33-07:00August 10, 2013|ExMo Challenge|

A Night With The Healthy Voyager

At the beginning of the Summer I went to a goodbye party for LA blogger Andrea Fellman as she recently relocated her family to Costa Rica.  I struck up a conversation with Carolyn Scott-Hamilton aka The Healthy Voyager. I told her how I wanted to make a change but wasn't there quite yet, this was [...]

2013-08-09T10:30:23-07:00August 9, 2013|Behind The Scenes, ExMo Challenge|

ExMo Challenge Week Two

Scary good. That's how I'm feeling. Scary, because after the 30 days ends I need to figure out how to not slip back into old patterns. Namely for me, the end of the day cocktail along with snacking way too much. I'm not doing the Whole 30 like amazing mama Shannon but I have made [...]

2013-07-31T20:18:12-07:00July 31, 2013|Behind The Scenes, ExMo Challenge|
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