Scary good.

That’s how I’m feeling.

Scary, because after the 30 days ends I need to figure out how to not slip back into old patterns. Namely for me, the end of the day cocktail along with snacking way too much.

I’m not doing the Whole 30 like amazing mama Shannon but I have made a pact not to:

Drink alcohol

Snack past 6PM

Exercise 5 times a week

Drink a lot of water

Eat more protein

I haven’t had a sip of alcohol and oddly haven’t wanted any. Strange very very strange. I’ve even gone out on some very fun evenings with girlfriends and stuck to coffee.



Feeling initially like a buzz kill I felt like we ended up talking about even more interesting things and laughing even harder then normal. Or maybe that’s a caffeine buzz?


A really fun night at the Getty.

Whatever it is, it’s working.

For the last two years I’ve felt too guilty and tired to leave my husband home with the 3 kids in the morning. But now that the youngest is 2 it’s far easier. Today even though both of the youngest were screaming and crying for me as I left for a spin class in the early morning I tried to erase that image out of my mind and just go to class.


I’m finding exercise to be my new craving.

I am thinking about when I can do it the next day.

It’s becoming my refuge and as we all know it’s benefits of making me feel happier, sweating and slimming down are good for my whole family.

I’m not ready to give up drinking 100%. But I know if I want to continue feeling this good I need to do something…perhaps only drinking on the weekends? Social outings? TBD.

I’m so much less bloated, it feels pretty great.

I’m also reading more. So all and all pretty damn good stuff.

Except the writing of a dark book has stalled interestingly enough…hmm..cut out some wine and suddenly I’m having a massive writers block.

I’m happy that a few other moms have jumped on board and are making healthy lifestyle changes as well.

Two weeks down and two to go.

In one minor little health related issue I did start to have an SVT attack.


Ironically after making a Vitamix drink. I knew I had too much coffee that day. Anyone here have AVNRT? I’m curious to hear from anyone who does and how you are handling it. I got myself out of it very quickly which was fabulous.

At any rate all is so good, it’s scary.