Technically it’s a few days over 3 weeks but wanted to post on my 3 weeks of having made some changes.


Expressing Motherhood performer Shannon Noel and I came up with the ExMoChallenge over food and wine of course, almost a month ago.

Shannon’s been doing the Whole 30 and I’m doing this:

-No alcohol

-Exercise 5 times a week

-Less snacking after 6PM

-More protein and water

I feel so much better.

Exercising is my new vice now. I am enjoying the high that I get at my
spinning class. My kids cry when I leave to go exercise but I shake off the guilt and pound it out on a bike.

I did a 3 hour yoga workshop last Sunday. Let me repeat that, 3 hours.

My husband took care of the kids. They were fine. Again, leaving my mom guilt in the car.


It was all women and it was to celebrate the new moon and open up your heart. It chilled me out and made me think about some intentions. I’ve never been one to follow new moons or horoscopes but I love trying new things.

I’m also trying to set a new racket in my head.

Instead of being so hard on myself I’m trying to be positive so I blurted out in my head, while on a bike granted, you are f#$%ing rad Lindsay. Trying to set a new record in my head versus the old guilt and feelings of unworthiness.

I was glad the music was so loud that there was no way anyone could have heard that thought in my head. I swallowed a laugh but I know that  thinking better thoughts is a positive things. Otherwise it sounds like this, “Not good enough, dumb, not good enough, dumb, be nice! be nice!” All these yoga people keep saying, be kind to yourself, so I’m going for it.

As I sat on the floor of a bookstore this week with a fellow mom friend she admitted she was so anxious all the time about the safety of her kids. I’m finding that when I exercise I’m able to channel my fear. Albeit, it doesn’t last all day but it helps.

I love when my spin teacher plays this song.  It’s when I crush my fear.

I’m also realizing I can’t worry about every tragedy I read on the internet and that I’m better when I don’t read about everything happening everywhere. It just makes me worry. Worry, worry. Think globally act locally that’s my motto.

I’m on a tangent.

At any rate, clearly, I am benefitting from some changes.

Shannon and I are both nervous about the 30 days ending and wondering how to we not slip back into old patterns.

I dont want to cut alcohol out completely so I need to think about how much I’ll allow myself to drink. Right now I have little desire for it.

One more week to go but I think this will keep on keeping on.