A post by Co-creator/Director/Producer Lindsay Kavet.

A little over a month ago ExMo performer Shannon Noel and I decided, over wine and good, to put it out there that we were going to stop drinking for 3o days, among other goals.

We called it the ExMoChallenge.

I hit 30 days, 2 days ago.

I found the experience really pretty damn enjoyable.

I have been experiencing a year of a lot of anger this last year.

We all have our stuff we go through and for some reason I’d been sailing through it and perhaps it was because I had two babies back to back I just skated over it. But once I stopped moving my anger has taken ahold of me.

I have progressively been drinking a little too much and exercising not enough. Feeling guilty leaving the kids to go exercise, even though I do leave them at times of course, but I just took on too much this last year, combined with some major life changes and I call it my year of rage.

Leaving me in not the best state to be a mother.

So I was happy to have talented, humble and positive Shannon say, let’s do it.


I have found that I really enjoy getting really sweaty on a stationery bike, set to loud music, with a disco ball at 8AM.

I am the least flexible person in yoga class but I like the mellow vibe it gives me.

I’ve discovered I can have great nights out with friends while drinking coffee and not alcohol.


And I’ve discovered I still haven’t figured out exactly what is eating at my heart but I’m working on it.

My #exmochallenge will continue because I have been feeling better and I want to continue that.

Even if whatever is at the bottom of this scares me, I need to keep figuring out what makes me happy.


Me and my little guy taking an afternoon nap.

I will admit to have a glass of wine tonight.  But I want to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I felt better. I have only lost 2 measly pounds but my clothes fit me drastically differently and I’m not bloated anymore.
For me this will be ongoing.

I have incredible role models to look up to in my family. And of course I have incredible little people looking up to me.