A woman forwarded this speech to me.



It’s from the Tedx series.

It’s just what I needed to hear. The speaker, Brene Brown, speaks about the power of vulnerability. I had never heard of her but I wish she was my neighbor. On her blog it says “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”

During the ExMo Challenge I spoke about just having to sit in my discomfort when I felt it, not numbing myself but rather just letting it ride it’s course through me.

She talks about being vulnerable and how if we mask our vulnerability we will also mask our joy, making us depressed.

Lately, all day, every day, I seem to walk around with the broken record of how did I make myself so vulnerable? 3 kids? Three little lives to worry about. Yet I’m worrying and shutting myself down so much I’m feeling not enough of the good stuff.


Pregnant with my first.


She talks about how we are the most:


In Debt



Group of Americans in our US history. Which by the way when people always say, well, that’s how I was raised and look I’m fine, see, I’m fine, I have to wonder if we really are just fine.

Sometimes I feel like people think that in sharing stories we complain too much, share too much. I disagree

You really should listen to it. Just start playing it, do something else and maybe like me you’ll stop and be taken in.