ExMo alum Elizabeth Aquino has a new book out. We are very happy for her and wanted to share the news with  you.

She has published her short memoir Hope for a Sea Change: a search for healing by Shebooks. The e-book is available for download through Shebooks and Amazon.


When her three-month old daughter Sophie is diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder, Elizabeth Aquino and her husband Michael, are thrust into a nightmarish world of impossible decisions, toxic drug cocktails, and talk of brain surgery on their tiny child. As they grapple with the harrowing progression of their child’s seizures, they grow to understand that the doctors know little more about how to heal Sophie than they do. They are in a terrifying no-man’s land. This narrative of unintended medical trauma and the search for healing through alternative means will sear you with its stubborn hope, unexpected grace and abiding love.

“Elizabeth Aquino’s medical odyssey with her baby daughter, Sophie, just reached inside and wrapped my heart in a fist. I feel both broken and illuminated by the grit, pain and grace of this family’s harrowing search for healing. This is parenting at its most extreme. This is vast and stubborn and steadfast love.”
— Rosemarie Robotham