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Join us in Burlington, Vermont for our second time ever being in Vermont.

Friday, April 10th at 7PM and Saturday, April 11th at 7PM.

We will be at the Flynn Center.

“Each story strikes a chord because they are real” —Today

Stories about motherhood, shared on stage. Since 2008, Expressing Motherhood has given women . . . and a few men . . . a multimedia platform to open up and articulate intimate, gripping stories about mothering. Mothers from all walks present relatable experiences—candidly and bravely—fostering community and catharsis. From its modest inception in Los Angeles, Expressing Motherhood’s straightforward premise has blossomed, developing a cult following across the country. It has expanded its scope of participants and stories and has opened up to new storytelling styles, becoming a vast window into a complex, intensely personal life experience—a network of creative mothers affirming and inspiring one another. In its return to Burlington, this presentation of Expressing Motherhood is led by local moms Sheramy Tsai and Julie Peoples-Clark.

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