We stayed at The Omni Hotel

My husband and I rarely get breaks…unless they come in the form of an Expressing Motherhood show or personal illness.

His parents were in town recently so we decided to get away for the night.

It. Was. Awesome.

And by awesome, I mean, I could have stayed an extra night or 6.


We don’t do this enough. Life is so busy (by my own hand, granted) and we rarely get to spend time alone without the kids.

We didn’t go far…just about 10 minutes down the 5 freeway to a little place called Downtown L.A. We took his parents out to the Disney Concert Hall for a pipe organ concert his father wanted to see…and then we went our separate ways.

They went home, my sister in law stayed at our house and got the kids off to school in the morning and Don and I had a night away!


My Husband…sittin’ next to Charlie Chaplin

I had the best time! We explored LA on Columbus Day…no one was working. It was nice and quiet and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Love the time with the spouse without the three ducklings.