Expressing Motherhood received an email that read, “Why are all of the people In this flyer / event poster…white?” Attached was a photo of the Expressing Motherhood poster advertising our upcoming, October 17th show in Portland at the Alberta Rose Theatre. It is a good question, and one I wanted to publically address diversity and Expressing Motherhood.


My casting process involves written submissions. There are no auditions, and as a result, I usually do not know what people look like until the rehearsal.


That being said, getting a diverse cast is extremely important to both myself and the show. The only way we can showcase the best stories is by getting a wide range of women (and men), with very different motherhood experiences, to participate.


I have reached out to many minority groups to get a wider range of women to submit. And sometimes it has worked. But, the truth is, I need more help. If you are a woman of color, or better yet are involved with groups of women of color, please contact me. I am excited to explain the show to individuals or group, and am always trying to get more performers from underrepresented groups.


I am proud of the fact that this show has given so many women a safe place to share their stories. I’m proud that it has allowed our audience to hear stories they otherwise never would have known about. And I want to make sure that it provides these opportunities to women of all backgrounds, ages, socio-economic status, religions and ethnicities. Please help me do so.


Thank you,

Lindsay Kavet