Thank you to everyone who joined us for our November virtual show. We had over 150 people watching from around the world. Thank you to our cast, Mommy Tonk, Minna Dubin, Hannah Cox, Christin Briggs, Stephanie Wiley, April Wish, Tahlil Harkham, Tekira Briscoe, Courtney Crane, Sigute Miller, Nicole Bowman, Jenny Lind Conlee and Susanna Morgan.

The show has been uploaded to YouTube and you can watch it here.

Grab a ticket for our Sunday, December 13th 5pm PST show. Tickets are $15, VenMo me, director Lindsay-Kavet on VenMo. You need the last 4 digits of my number which are, 2890.

$40 gets you a tote and a ticket.

The totes have been designed by LA artist ChaChiLoves Design.

Ticket vendors are experiencing their own challenges and so this is what other theatre people have found to be working best right now.

Join us in December. Here is part of a review from an audience member:

“The show was great. Emotional, sad, heartbreaking…”

We are living in such tumultuous times that the heaviness is reflected in the pieces but the communal sharing lightens the load, so I hope you will join us and please share with your friends. Expressing Motherhood is still very much a grassroots effort.