exmohamburgerA few weeks ago, Lindsay and I hosted a small home screening of our Chicago show for some friends. Of course, in ExMo fashion, we love to showcase talented, creative moms and Theresa Deliberto, founder of Cupcake Cuties, is no exception.

Over the past 6 years, Theresa has developed a small idea into a big business! Cupcake Cuties can be found online and now in select local Ralph’s stores in Southern California.

Talk about imagination.exmopopcorn

Lindsay and I love this idea and asked Theresa if she’d be willing to supply all of our guests with a Cupcake Cutie Kit..and she did!

I decided to give the Cupcake kits a try, and why not…we needed a dessert for the evening anyway. I went to my local Ralph’s and picked up the Popcorn set and the Hamburger set..both are her top sellers.

I’m going to be honest. I truly did not believe I could make anything as cute as what I saw on the box. That happens with products sometimes…and I get disappointed. But, this was not that time.


Popcorn Cupcake Kit


Rolling the top of the Burgers

All three of my kids helped me and we had a lot of fun putting our ‘gourmet’ cupcakes together! And really, I felt like a professional. I showed up to our screening and even I found it hard to believe I had just made cupcakes that looked so darn cute.

ExmofinalTheresa and her Cupcake Cuties can really help turn any celebration into something better…without paying a ton of money for bakery bought creations. You can do it yourself!

For more information and to see all of the cupcake kits available, visit CupcakeCuties.com!

Cupcake Cuties is on  Twitter and Facebook