I have talked to  many moms over the years as I’ve been putting on Expressing Motherhood who tell me they just can only give so much time right now to their creative endeavors. They are currently finding that they want to give more time to their kids. A lot of these moms are smart and have promising projects they are working on but find the call of motherhood  beckons them.

I find that I vacillate like that as well.

A lot of time I fill my well with creativity and then I need to step back and focus on my family. It’s such a fine balance. This show brings me immense joy because it allows me that. But once again I feel like I need to focus on mis ninos.

How about you?

Hey at least I feel like a tortured artist, right? ;)

I love this song “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae and have played it at our show before. Because mamas, we are really walking on that aren’t we?  What a cool video to boot, I hadn’t watched it until now. Listening to music after the kids have gone to sleep always re-connects me to my creative  self.