We are locking down a theatre for Chicago. Hang in there. We will announce it by mid-week next week at the very latest.


Me at my grandpa’s lovely wives home in Cherokee, Iowa

I love this whole process of putting on the show.

I’m in the bathroom sketching artwork while giving my kids a bath so as to come up with some new Chicago artwork.

What a great day and age to be a mom.

A song I heard off of Jason Bentley’s show on KCRW has been playing over in my mind, it’s by Daughter and it’s a cover of a Daft Punk song called “Get Lucky.”

Midwest moms I hope you are drawing in some inspiration and carving out some time to create. I often find that some of my best work comes in short amounts of time because our time as mom is so limited in the alone department.

One of my family reunions back in Iowa.

One of my family reunions back in Iowa.

Submissions will be announced as soon as we lock down the theatre but submissions will be very soon, think end of June.