Stacie Burrows is a Los Angeles mom who loves and supports Expressing Motherhood so much she submitted to our Chicago show, we cast her and now she is flying herself out there to be a part of it. We love this groupie big time. Read about Stacie here:


Where do you live, how many kids do you have, ages?
Topanga Canyon, California, 2 boys: James & Charlie, ages 8 & 5
How are you creative post children? How has it changed since pre-baby?
Before I was a mother, I was a stand-up comic. Now that I have kids, I can’t get out to the comedy clubs as much so I write a humor column called Seriously Funny. I am also a contributor to Felicity Huffman’s website.

When do you find time to create?
When my kids are watching a movie or playing video games, I sneak off to my office and write. My youngest starts Kindergarten this year and I plan on doing a lot of my work while they are at school.
How did you hear about ExMo?
My oldest went to preschool with Lindsey Kavet’s son. I heard about the show and begged her to allow me to participate. Even though I brought a piece that was a little unconventional, they agreed to let me try it. It was a good risk! I can’t imagine not having an outlet like Expressing Motherhood. It saved my sanity.


 Do you have a background in acting/writing?

Yes, I have a lot of experience with stand up comedy, musical theatre, improv and creative writing. I am the co-creator of “I’m Not From Here but My Kids Are; a comedic look at raising kids in Hollywood” with Shannon Noel Webb.

What creative projects are you up to?

I am currently working on an animation project as well as making more funny music with my comedy partner/mommy soulmate, Shannon Noel Webb.