Carolyn Scott AKA the lovely Healthy Voyager is launching a campaign after Labor Day that is asking people to challenge themselves to a #WebFreeWeekend.


Here is what Carolyn says:

Our lives today center so much around the internet, our various devices, sitting at our computers or even when we are out and about, we are staring at a screen. It’s rare to see people totally unplugged. Not only is this troubling for society, it’s bad for our health, not allowing us to find proper balance between work and the rest of our lives.
I’ve developed this fun site where everyone can upload/share a photo and/or video, taking the #WebFreeWeekend Pledge by either telling or showing why they are pledging or sharing a photo/video of their actual #WebFreeWeekend, of course, after the weekend has been completed!
There are no right or wrongs, just lots of fun to be had to get everyone unplugged, if even for 1 weekend, to enjoy life the way it was always meant to be enjoyed either with friends and family, outdoors or just doing something that doesn’t require the use of a device that ties us to the web.
I’ve attached the badge for people to post, tweet, etc and the link that it should point to is:
I like the challenge.
I would really like this actually. iPhones included.
Anyways, I’m helping spread the word as I think Carolyn is awesome and a great source of positive energy and of course food ideas.