This Mother’s Day Weekend Celebrate Creative Moms with Mary Trunk of “Lost in Living”, the national stage show “Expressing Motherhood”(us!), author Amanda Hirsch “Feeling My Way: Finding Motherhood Without Losing Myself” and comedians and singer song-writers “Mommy Tonk.”
Expressing Motherhood will screen their latest show, performed in Hollywood, online.
Amanda will give away two copies of her book, details on her site.
And last of all Mommy Tonk will give away two tickets to their upcoming show in Hollywood on May 15th and also give away to two national winners some of their brand spacing new Mommy Tonk gear! Which includes t-shirts, a swear jar, a mason jar and a tote.
Head to their site for details.
We are all women who enjoy being both creative and being mothers and don’t think it has to stop just because we became mothers. Or else we’d go crazy. Some of us literally perhaps.
I’m excited to share our latest show with you online. For those of you from far away you’ll be able to see a whole show.
Plan a get together with your friends, watch it and talk about what’s going on in your own lives that relate.
Our hashtag is #exmoshow.
Looking forward to sharing part of Mother’s Day Weekend with you.
Our live streaming will start Friday May 9th at 4PM PST. So you East Coasters can start watching it at 7PM your time.