Celebrate Creative Moms With Us This Mother’s Day Weekend

This Mother's Day Weekend Celebrate Creative Moms with Mary Trunk of "Lost in Living", the national stage show "Expressing Motherhood"(us!), author Amanda Hirsch "Feeling My Way: Finding Motherhood Without Losing Myself" and comedians and singer song-writers "Mommy Tonk." All weekend "Lost In Living" will be screened for free online. Expressing Motherhood will screen their latest [...]

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On Validation

I just voted in some awards thing for artists. And while I was doing it I couldn't help feel a few things. One emotion was linked to a certain movement of my hand mocking someone jacking off. I'll admit, that might have been my inner teen and younger person who considered herself alternative and enjoyed [...]

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ExMo News

Right now there is not another show planned just quite yet. I have been enjoying some time with my kids, well, really my hair has been falling out trying to keep it all together and I'm reminded how much I love this show so I will plan another one sooner rather then later. Our first [...]

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My Child Took Over When I Needed Him Too

This afternoon I took my three kids to Descanso Gardens. It was a particularly gorgeous Los Angeles day. Cool, some clouds, sun and the gardens in bloom. The grounds were spectacular. My kids roamed and fell into their imaginations. I wondered if I coddled my 7 1/2 year-old boy too much as I sat on [...]

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