Anna Bocci West is a Los Angeles mom to two children. She will be performing in our upcoming LA show next month.

It hasn’t been easy to stay creative since becoming a mom.  So much of my life is dominated by my kids’ lives and schedules that when I do have free time, I rarely feel very creative.  But I’ve learned that I can’t ignore that part of myself.  As much as I adore my kids, they don’t fulfill that part of me. And without it, I’m not my best self.

I am an actress, which you would think is a very creatively fulfilling line of work.  But the truth is, since having kids, most of my work has been in television commercials. It’s a great job with good pay and a lot of free time.  So perfect “mom job”, right?  But creatively fulfilling? Not exactly.  It’s usually a one or two-day shoot where we stick to the copy and do our best to sell someone’s product.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I wrote, produced and starred in a short film which we took on the film festival circuit, receiving various awards for our work. I was so happy to be creating my own story and to be in charge of the outcome for once.

It really stuck with me that I need to take more control of the free time that I do have, and to create opportunities for myself that satisfy me creatively.  So I’m trying to do more of that.

About a year ago, I decided to begin exploring my passion for Interior Design.  I’ve done some residential jobs and some “television designing”, which has been really fun.

In order to figure out how seriously I want to take it, I’ve started taking classes at Otis School of Design. I don’t know if I can juggle both careers, and I’m not willing to give up acting just yet. But regardless, I’m focusing on a different part of my creative self six hours a week (usually at night or on Sunday afternoons), and that feels good. I’m even learning to draw!  No more stick figures when I’m drawing with my kids. :)

So that’s me.

80% Anna West, mother of Owen and Winslow.

20% Anna Bocci, creative chick who’s just looking for an outlet.

I feel very lucky.  :)