Amy Simon is a mother, actress, playwright, published writer, producer, and self-proclaimed Cultural Herstorian.  She is the creator of SHE’S HISTORY! The Most Dangerous Women In America, Then And Now…. a play, presentation and school program about women who make and made history. Her first play Cheerios In My Underwear (And Other True Tales Of Motherhood) holds the record as the longest running solo show in Los Angeles. Amy writes, blogs, performs and entertains on the radio, online, and onstage. She is the mother of two teenage daughters who can tell you all about the first woman to run for President. Amy performed for Expressing Motherhood here in LA, we heart Amy!

Today’s Fabulous Female Fact ( Via Amy)
Texas, November 19th, 1977 The Spirit Of Houston

Trail-blazing, Hat Wearing, Peace-Making Bella Abzug – who joined Congress at the age of fifty – pulled off another miracle, organizing The National Women’s Conference AKA “The Rainbow Of Women” Conference, which she got the government to pay for!

Performer Amy Simon will be acting as Bella Abzug in NYC in November.

A Fabulous Federal First and a major major coup!

With a “special emphasis on the representation of low-income women, members of diverse racial, ethnic, and religious groups, and women of all ages,” every state was represented with two thousand delegates, along with eighteen-thousand women and supportive men, many husbands, who supported their wives by carrying their little babies so the moms could go to meetings. Also carried – a torch from Seneca Falls, New York (home of the First Women’s Conference in 1848) to Houston, Texas.

It was presented to Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford and Rosalyn Carter who said it was “…the most important and exciting conference I have ever attended.

Also on hand, Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelou, Billie Jean King and of course the glorious Gloria Steinem, to name a few.

The thirty-fifth Anniversary of this historic event is being celebrated in Manhattan, November 2012, with yours truly(Amy Simon) speaking as Bella Abzug.

Amy is a true professional and big supporter of women. It was a joy having her in our show, she is a veteran show runner herself.

Playing November 2012 at The Museum Of Motherhood in New York City