Well, after another day spent running around after my 3 kids has passed and I just came down and plopped into my office chair.

I went over a little bit of paperwork from the previous weekend and paid my nanny for a lot of help the past week while I was “working” on the show.

Is it worth it? I thought for a second. All of the money I had to heap at the nanny so I can fulfill this creative bug that drives me and has since I was a little girl organizing neighborhood productions.

I felt guilty.

Then I happened upon a review. A review from my favorite type of audience member, the one who has come, let’s just say, with very low expectations.

The review made me smile on many levels. In particular I love the part about how she’s impressed Jessica and I have been doing this longer then some bands have been together.

Also, the “The comradery of motherhood. The comradery of women,” that she began to feel.

Yes, the extra money I shelve out for some help with the kids while I’m off having a blast at the theatre is of course, worth it, very, very worth it.