At the beginning of the Summer I went to a goodbye party for LA blogger Andrea Fellman as she recently relocated her family to Costa Rica.  I struck up a conversation with Carolyn Scott-Hamilton aka The Healthy Voyager.

I told her how I wanted to make a change but wasn’t there quite yet, this was pre- exmochallenge and that I was thinking of having a small get together in August. I’ll do it she said before I even finished my thought! Carolyn is fun, she’s also a vegan and a world traveler.

She’s published a book and is a wealth of healthy knowledge.

A few nights ago I had some food catered from Heirloom LA. They are a delicious place here in LA that prides itself on using seasonal, organic food.

I bought some wine and brewed myself some coffee as I’m still on my no drinking for 30 days binge.


While I was cleaning I kept thinking, am I some asshole from a novel I would detest? The woman who loves to have her house clean and gather friends for parties? I don’t think I’m an asshole but I do love to produce clearly as I’m always throwing gatherings as well as producing the show. And I love gathering groups to to have conversation. So, it’s good for my soul and I enjoy it so why not?



What ensued was a really fun, laid back, informative evening. Seems like so many people I know have made radical changes in regards to their eating and drinking habits something is in the air.

It was a nice evening and inspiring hearing about ways to eat healthier so I can be well, healthy.


Jill Simonian, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton and me

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