Meet Lora Ackermann: The South Bay Cast

Lora Ackermann will be a part of Expressing Motherhood's first ever South Bay cast January 23rd and 24th at 7:30PM.   Lora hails from the West Coast(Oregon-Washington-So-Cal) she is a heart trainer, blogger, writer, artist, mistake-make, habit-breaker and builder, teacher, finder of love in all things, friend, single mom, imperfections, self-professed comedian and  human cheerleader. In [...]

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Pop Up Show: Silver Lake February

I tried to sit on my hands until the May show but my hands didn't want that. I'm calling the February show I'm now planning an Expressing Motherhood Pop-Up show.   Submissions will be accepted soon, between December 3rd-6th. For details on the two nights, back at the intimate and lovely Spirit Studios, please see [...]

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8 Years of Expressing Motherhood

Expressing Motherhood closed out it's 8th year this past weekend to a sold out crowd in Silver Lake.   Expressing Motherhood had a wonderful two night run in Chicago led by Local Producer Colleen O'Neill. Colleen and our youngest performer ever, Lola, her daughter. As far as upcoming shows, tickets for the South [...]

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Introducing the South Bay Cast

  BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE   Local Producer Brandy Johnston and myself are happy to announce the South Bay Cast: Stacy Upton Kerry Anderson Angela Cullop Emily Coe-Sullivan Malena Hougen Megan Dolan MommyTonk Cathleen Daniel Jessica Patay Linda Daly Lora Ackermann   Congratulations! The submissions were very strong and there were quite a few. Tickets [...]

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