New Episode on Podcast: Anne Tollet, Interior Designer

Anne Hulcher Tollet and I had a 45 minute conversation that is up on the newest episode of the Expressing Motherhood podcast. LISTEN HERE. Anne is one funny, smart, candid, Southern mom. She has a staff that is helping her with her thriving business, Hanover Avenue. Hanover Avenue helps you become your own interior designer, with [...]

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New Dates & Venues for Fall LA Shows

Please note that both of the Fall shows have changed venues and dates. The former September show will now be held on October 3rd & 4th @ 7:30PM in Silver Lake at Spirit Studio Silverlake. The former November 4th show in DTLA will now be on Saturday November 7th @7:30PM in Silver Lake at Spirit [...]

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ExMoShow Podcast: New Episode, Janet Baruch

In the latest Expressing Motherhood podcast episode I interviewed Janet Baruch. Landscape Designer Janet Baruch. Owner of Greenway Gardens. She is a landscape designer based out of Richmond, Virginia. After going through a divorce, years ago now, she went and earned her certificate to become a landscape designer and started her own successful [...]

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Upcoming Expressing Motherhood Shows & Submissions

Expressing Motherhood has a lot of shows this Fall, all over the nation. The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast Buy your tickets for: BOSTON * LOS ANGELES * SIOUX FALLS * SAN FRANCISCO Submissions for the first ever Des Moines, Iowa show will be accepted October 19th. Information here. The new Expressing Motherhood podcast has already interviewed [...]

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New Podcast Episode With Megan Dolan

In this episode Expressing Motherhood speaks to Long Beach mom/writer/actress Megan Dolon. I recently watched Megan in her one-woman show, "Snack." She performed it as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It can’t get any more real than this. Megan Dolan is a powerhouse storyteller, a veritable “Desperate Housewife” coming to terms with own fears [...]

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