New Episode on the Podcast: Interview with Beth Littleford

Expressing Motherhood has a new episode up on its podcast. Check Out Parents Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Expressing Motherhood on BlogTalkRadio   Beth Littleford shares a ton with me. *Her favorite drug of choice (being on stage) *Divorce *Why your 40's are really a great time for women. *How having a nanny is [...]

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Expressing Motherhood’s New Podcast is on iTunes

Expressing Motherhood's new Podcast is on iTunes, BlogTalkRadio and you can also find it here on the blog. I'm working the kinks out but enjoying listening to the creative moms talk about what projects they are up to and how they find time to be creative. #exmoshow

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New Podcast: Expressing Motherhood Interviews MommyTonk

Expressing Motherhood has its first official episode up on the podcast. It's taken some lessons but I'm getting there. They first 10 seconds are dicey but it gets good. Listen here. The first episode features MommyTonk. We talked about why they exist, how they find time to be creative, how they sometimes don't see eye [...]

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